Walter Sr.

Walter Pablo Clements Sr.

Walter Sr. at the age of 20
"Fire trucks are great"

- Walter Sr.

Life of Walter Sr.

Walter Sr. was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He was put up for adoption immediately, and never met his real parents.

He grew up being bullied by many kids, but always staying positive throughout his life.

In College, he met Meredith, and they began dating. After he graduated with a degree in Political Science, he and Meredith married and had Mike, his oldest son, in 1977. Soon after, he and his family moved into a small house in Detroit, Michigan.

In 1981, Meredith and Walter. Sr. had Walter Pablo Clements Jr. , also known as Walter Jr. or simply Walter, by accident. Walter and Walter Sr. were extremely close.

Sometime in the early 1990s, the house that the Family had lived in for nearly 2 decades burned to the ground. The family was forced to move into Walter Sr.'s brother's house in Eville, Alabama. Walter Jr. started becoming increasingly angry at his father for "empty promises" of making friends.

One night, after Walter decided he had enough, he ran away, and gave Walter Sr. a note saying he was leaving for Florida.

When Walter ran away from home, Walter Sr. and the rest of the Clements family were left depressed for a very long time. Walter Sr. began to rely on alcohol as a coping mechanism. Shortly after, Mike decided to head to south Florida to find Walter, saying he would "Find that little rat if it's the last thing I do."

During this hard time, Meredith also passed away, leaving Walter Sr. utterly alone. This only sent him on a farther downward spiral.

Death of Walter Sr.

Last image of Walter Sr. 3 hours before he was killed by Walter
For 2 and a half years, Walter Sr. had no idea of where his son was. However, on the 3 year anniversary of Walter running away, Walter Sr's oldest son, Mike, called him and told him he had found Walter, and that he was living in Miami as a drug dealer and addict. Walter Sr. was incredibly happy, likely the happiest he had been in years, and he immediately went to Miami to find Walter. When he arrived at the address Mike had given him, he finally found Walter, asleep, in a pile of dirty laundry.

He shook Walter awake, and told him how much he missed him, but Walter was still enraged at him for his empty promises as a child, and grabbed a Glock 17 from his dresser. Walter shot his father 8 times.

Walter brought his father to the Hospital, where he died soon after from internal bleeding. Walter told police that his father had attacked him.

At Walter Sr.'s Funeral, Mike read a Eulogy he had written, and Walter Jr. snorted crack in the funeral home bathroom.

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