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​""i like fire trucks and moster trucks" ​

"Whos Joe?" - Walter at camp

Based on the meme of the same name, Walter is a simple-minded dog with a deep appreciation for fire trucks and moster trucks. and has also been suspected of committing various war crimes in the second world war.


Walter's appearance originates from an image[​2]​​ of Nelson Mandela the Bull Terrier in which Nelson directly faces the camera and his ears are hidden from view. Walter's appearance provides a horrifying path into the mind of the deranged. His eyes - twin pits into the endless abyss of cheems - only detect movement. In this way, they are like the eyes of the T-Rex, another apex predator.

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Taking his personality from his namesake, Walter Clements, Walter is a simple character who speaks less than he acts. When he does speak, however, he often shows his deep love for fire trucks and moster trucks. * Despite being a husk of his former self, Walter is a kind soul with deep familial bonds. He dearly cares for his father and mother. Walter also values his friends immensely as they helped him through a rough period in his life after he and his family had to move towns and he was the new kid on the block. He is afraid of his cousin Wiley.


Origins in the Lore

Walter was born sometime in the early 1990s to Walter Clements Sr. and Aethelfrith Clements. One night in the mid-1990s, a house fire started after his father, Walter Clements Sr., failed to completely put out the fireplace. After leftover grease in the trash can from his mother, Meredith's cooking was ignited, the small fire quickly spread throughout the whole house. Walter, who was using the toilet after waking up from his sleep, soon became entrapped in the bathroom as flames reached his room. Walter called out in fear for his father who quickly rushed to his aid and pulled him out of the house only for Walter to collapse after inhaling too much smoke. Luckily, with fire trucks on the scene to combat the blaze, Walter and his family were rushed to the hospital where he made a full recovery. After this moment, Walter's love for fire trucks originated thanks to their integral role in saving both his and his father's life from the housefire.

Served as the supreme leader of the Volkssturm in Frozen II.

Walter Trivia

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  •  He likes fire trucks and monster trucks.
  •  Walter speaks 5 languages : English, Sarcasm and Arabic Afrikaans
  •  He is almost non-verbal as he only says things about fire truck and monster truck
  •  Extremely limited vocabulary
  •  Extremely Nice despite Evil things done
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  •  He is being chased by Cheems for not selling him a cheemsburbger, instead of providing a cheeseburger.
  •  Walter's real name is Walter (duh)
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  •  moster truck and fire truck
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