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"Uncle" Murphy Cheemsmith was a retired war veteran. He was the goduncle to his late friend Kenny's child.


Uncle Murphy was an overweight Doge, with a black basebaII cap that says "SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MECHANIC". his only other appearance is him in his camouflage military helmet.


UncIe Murphy was a very kind Doge, and was polite and nice to his friends, family and customers. He was enlisted in the Iraq war with Elmo and his best friend Kenny.

Early Life

Murphy was born in the early 60s, presumably around the year 1962. His parents' names are unknown. At the age of 7 or 8, in 1969, he started a lemonade stand, and made 300 dollars, something his father was proud of.

Career and AduIthood

Murphy enlisted in the Iraq war with his best friend Kenny into the Marine Corps, as well as with Elmo. They ended up in the same squad (7). Sadly, Kenny died in his arms. This had long lasting psychological effects on Murphy resulting in his PTSD. As a result of Kenny's untimely demise, he took care of Kenny's child, Junior as his own. One day while walking in a back alley Murphy was shot, causing him to have to stay at the hospital. this is where he met the love of his life Morgan. it was later revealed this was nothing but a hallucination in what is known as the bad ending, and in this alternate timeline ending he bled out in the alley; However, this is later retconned to never have happened, and his story continued until his death on July 20th, 2021.


On July 20, 2021, Murphy was fatally stabbed while on a fishing trip with whom he believed to be Junior, who turned out to be C4-T3, his murderer, in disguise.[1] The orders of his execution came from Meowster, head of The Organization.[2]

Murphy, bleeding and lifeless, after being fatally stabbed by C4-T3.


  1. In an additional comic which takes place in the bad ending alternate timeline, Murphy went to hell, but not as a sinner, but as the punishment for the sinners, as a Doomslayer of sorts.