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Troll Face (Ken4lyfe#6841)


Troll face joined on December 30th, 2019. He is an active member who reposts for le funnies. When he joined, he had a picture of his drawn roblox avatar that he used for his YouTube channel (no longer active). Some time in January 2020, he changed his profile picture to that of a troll face, and so his legacy as “troll face” began.

In the beginning, he made a running joke of “Troll Face Enterprises” being one of the richest companies in dogelore, accompanying now dead account “The Trollface Times”. The people who would play along with this joke would be Apu (before he was given mod), Cynk, and random users who were considered orange names.

Fun fact:

He has been striked once using the old strike system

He had been muted twice, once for a spongebob fanfic meme and the other for spam.

Lastly, he was recently reaction banned for the “ball shave” starboard spam that occurred early 2021.


Troll face has many roles in the r/dogelore discord server, but these are the ones currently.

• doge

• Dogecraft Host

• mythical doge 💬

• thamks 🏆

• famous doge 💬

• active doge 💬

• regular doge 💬

• baby doge 🍼

• wii gameing

• please ping me when there is events :)

• archiver doge

• dogecraft fan

• hungry game fan

• announcement ping pong role

• politic

Known for

Troll face is known for reposting a ton of memes already sent by other users. It doesn’t matter if he finds it funny, he just reposts it to get on the starboard (more on this later)

Troll face is also a member hosting the Dogecraft minecraft server, he recreated the server after getting annoyed of not having one back since the last one.

Back to the starboard, he was one of the reasons why starboard was spammed with the “ball shave” image.

Lesser Known

He created the Thomas the Tank Engine “Period Blood” gif in mid 2020

He created the “transporting to smiling man dimension” gif in early 2021

He made the normal dogelore banner (not up as of 3/12/21)

HE IS DUMB ~ myszak

shut up myszak you stupid dumb bitch ~ troll face

I hioe tiy i oei o i hope you die in hell ~N MYSZAK