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Sheems is a maniacal warcriminal who is the great grandson of a past tyrant turned good, Cheemsburbger. Sheems is one of the only people ever to rival his great grandfathers strength, with the power of Steve, who is the God of Time in disquise.

The Birth of Sheems

Sheems pre-high history is a complicated history. Sheems best-friend was Walter Pablo Hablinos Jr the 2nd, a druglord in the east of California. Sheems was a drugdealer with his friend then Walter Pablo Hablinos Jr the 2nd was shot and had a near death experience. During this time, Sheems was a Cheemsian, not knowing he was related. He read the Cheems Bible, the Cheemsican. Sheems went to visit his friend while he was in the hospital, praying to his great grandfather. Walter Pablo Habilnos Jr the 2nd died, then was revived because of his thick skin. Sheems gained all the power off the Cheemsican, then became extremely powerful. Not knowing his friend was alive, he possed as a man that complained that he couldn't have sex.

Sheems went berzerk, killing many in distant galaxies. He gained the power from a man who hosted his great grandfather in his care named Steve, and Steve was senile because he forgot how to make himself younger. Sheems, now hosting the power of time in his hands, went back and killed the whole bloodline of the people who "killed" his friend. He stole the power of many galaxies and stars. Sheems read the prophecy of his bloodline, then soon realized that his Great Grandfather was the past tyrant, Cheemsburbger. 

The Great Fight

Cheemsburbger met up with Sheems when he was in his prime. They got into a 3 week standoff. While fighting eachother, they destroyed many neighbouring planets. 23 planets to be exact. A cult of Cheemsburbger came and help Cheems in the showoff. Sheems started killing off planets as hostages. Sheems has a very short temper. Sheems when he is enraged is in a state called Elliot Mode. Sheems started throwing down comets, astroids, and meteorites down to Earth. 

Sheems killed over 23,000 people in the showoff, and 13 survived. Sheems was defeated after he saw a hallution of his friend, Walter P. Hablinos Jr the 2nd. Little did he know, in the end the one who really killed his friend was him. While his guard was down, Cheemsburbger went a different version of Super Saiyan he named Godsuper, and stole all of his great grandsons power. Afterwards, being drowed in guilt was killed of shame. Of course, Cheemsburbger ended up reviving and sending Walter Pablo Habinos Jr the 2nd back down to Earth. After the battle Cheemsburbger confronted Walter the God and told him. Sheems is locked forever into a cell that is impossible to escape.

The Cult of Sheems

Many of turned-Cheemsburbger followers turned to turned to Sheemsism. Many of the followers have the power of the Cheemsican, and are trying their hardest to revive the fallen tyrant. Many believe Sheems didn't deserve the punishment, which leads them to try to revive the tryant. With the power of darkness and hatred, the Cheemsican power turns to the Sheemsican a power that times the power of the Cheemsican to 11 to 100 times the power. One of the followers found the secret to reviving the fallen tyrant, which is to make him believe what he was doing was good. The Sheemsbablies, the most powerful cult, learned the power of time and mind manipulation. The only way to revive the tyrant is to distract Cheems and rise Sheems, who has hidden power.

The member from the Sheemsbablies was a man named Sheems Jr the 2nd (not actually part of the family) After gaining the power from the Sheemsican, a fanmade Sheems bible, Sheems Jr the 2nd freed Sheems from his cage. Sheems was immediatly teleported to the Sheemsbablies culthouse. Sheems, who was confused, started his instinct to immediatly attack whoever was there. After he destroyed half the temple, Sheems made a plan with Sheems Jr the 2nd.

Project EndCheems

The newly revived Sheems came up with a plan. Put shorty, it is very self explanitory. Cheems never knew his great grandson was revived, so they planned a sneak attack. Since Cheems is a very casual man, he lived in a very casual house. Sheems Jr the 2nd will sneak up on Cheems, momentarilly disabling. Since Sheems want his plan to come through, him and Sheems Jr the 2nd have equal power, by training until he was Post-Rage powerful. This will make Cheems imobilized and they will kill him while he is.

What they didn't realize was, Cheems was in on the plan. Sheems Jr the 2nd isnt Sheems Jr the 2nd. It's one of Cheems clones he made. By altering the facial feature of the clone, Sheems didnt know the difference. The day the plan went through, Sheems was unpleasantly greeted by his great grandfather. Cheems was able to make it so his grandson couldn't move, making Cheems the victor. Was this the final fight? The answer to the question is no. Sheems knew that he was going to be ambused on that day, and thats why he put a clone out there.

Sheems dropped down on his great grandfather and attacked him, destroying his house. It wasn't planned for Walter to be there that day and help Cheems out. Sheems brought down Walter, while trying to hold off Cheems. Walter made himself another one of himself, down to the ears and everything, so the original Walter is still alive. Sheems attacked Cheems and in the end Cheems was down to his last breathe. Both were worn out, but in the end Cheems revived the Godsuper name and destroyed Sheems once and for all.