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Rumblefish, otherwise known as rumble, or nacho, is one of the worst users currently on the Dogelore discord server. They are responsible for stealing multiple memes, being blocked by multiple people at once, and telling Capraeus to throw themselves off a cliff. He is an extremely annoying shithead, and their presence in the server asks why they haven't been kicked at least once. He is also an Albanian nationalist, known to repeatedly call fellow user Skateboard2 "slovakian filth" and "salvic scum". His motivations for doing so are currently unknown.

It is known that Rumblefish is a massive idiot, and will annoy multiple users, most notably white and orange name users, and sometimes force them to leave the server. He steals all his memes from r/comedyheaven , and will message users both straight and gay hentai on request (this has happened multiple times).

He is extremely hostile to multiple users, most notably Dogevore, Ralsei, Kirbizia, and Capraeus. He has feuded with With Many Eyes in the past, however due to the events of the 18th of June 2019 and With Many Eyes' departure from the server, this has not happened for many months.

He is also known to like obscure music he found through Spotify's discover function, and will get angry when a user says they do not know of an artist he likes, despite many of his favourite artists being extremely obscure.

Photos of Rumblefish are not available due to multiple profile picture changes over the length of time he has been in the server (originally joined May 18th, 2019).

It should also be noted that rumblefish's alias Nacho is a reference to american powerviolence band Weekend Nachos.