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Ralsei's avatar is that of the character of the same name originating from the game "Deltarune". Ralsei is notorious for his constant text messages containing graphic sexual content; containing fictional anime characters. Naruto was his favorite character to write about, but he seems to have shifted focus to the webcomic Homestuck. He also writes about characters from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. Everyone is absolutely annoyed by him constantly except for his alt accounts.  

His personality is annoying and childish but is also lovable and hilarious. He constantly spams racial slurs and types in all caps. He has extensive knowledge on many different anime shows and uses their material to make fanfiction. Despite fetishizing Naruto/Homestuck, he is fully aware that Naruto/The Homestuck characters is/are a fictional character(s) but wishes he was real. Ralsei is unpredictable and constantly has new tricks up his sleeve to prevent him from getting bland or worn out.  


We have no fucking clue where he came from.