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Pinoy Cheems, or formally known as Pippy Noslox Utah Cheems is the Long Lost and Deceased brother of Cheems. He is former friends with Walter and took place in The Great Bruh City Heist alongside The Walter Gang. He became CEO of Edge after his Lego Bionicle Collection was Caught in a Wormhole and dissolved.


Pinoy Cheems is yet to be Born in 2 Years, but he has Already been born before. He attempted suicide in his previous attempt at life only to be resurrected again by Kyle, who had mistaken him for some other guy,in the Womb of a goddess from Jupiter, Saran, however due to being blood related to Cheems in his past life, Saran isn't the true mother of Pinoy Cheems, Cheems Mom is still his true mother, Saran was just a shell for him to be born from. When Pinoy Cheems becomes born again, he will be immortal, stopping him from ever being able to kill himself again, so he is Just an edgy shell of skin.

Pinoy Cheems's 7th Wife, Liah, wants him dead because he ate her Bananas without asking and saying please.

All Deaths


His first death was a suicide because he is edgy and he thinks that his life doesn't matter


His Second death was an Execution set out by Liah, Pinoy Cheem's 7th Wife, and she got him to die similar to Cheem's death, he was hung and thrown off a cliff to decay next to Bruh City