Nermal is a well known veteran mod of the r/dogelore discord and is more commonly known as the funniest user.

He is currently a normal mod and is known for being Nermal. Nermal's username is a reference to the character from the Garfield franchise, Nermal.


During the phase of the original discord, Nermal was largely known during this time. Nermal, Miss Demi and several other users fought for the most messages on the leader board. Nermal is also known for creating the twinkie role by posting le twinkie doge daily. This protest eventually led to #spam being named #twinkie. Alongside Dogeka, Nermal was appointed as a baby mode until the server was deleted a few weeks later by Lunar.

Nermal attempts a funny by claiming independence from r/okbuddyretard during the original r/dogelore server.


Nermal pings an estimated 800 people accidentally over the rerelease of Crystal Pepsi in Canada.

When the new discord was created, Nermal joined and eventually became a new mod after proving himself. He was promoted as a full mod until March 11th where he was demodded for a short period of time for homophobia. He was remodded by Kirbizia, which was one of the only times Kirbizia was in the right.


  • Nermal has 9 alternate accounts named nermal following its respective number (nermal 2, nermal 3, etc.)
  • Nermal once accidentally pinged everyone over the release of crystal pepsi in Canada
  • Nermal's discord account is cursed and gets banned from dogelore every 3 months for about a week or two.
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