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Mike Clements

Mike Clements was the first son of Walter Pablo Clements Sr. , and the older brother of Walter Pablo Clements Jr. . Mike was born to Walter Sr. andMeredith Clements in 1977.

Life of Mike

Nobody really knows what most of Mike's life was like, since he's always been overshadowed by his brother, but it is known that in his early life he was quite close with his parents and with Walter Jr.

In the 1990s, the Clements' home burned to the ground and Mike was forced to relocated to Eville, Alabama with the rest of his family. While Mike wasn't happy about this, he took it far better than Walter Jr. did. Walter Jr. grew a hatred for his father, and eventually ended up running away from home saying he was going to Florida. This caused both of Mike's parents to become incredibly depressed.

Mike soon grew to hate his brother for what he did, and left his home to hunt down Walter Jr. in Florida. After searching for 3 years, Mike finally found Walter selling crack in Miami. He told his father immediately, who then came to Miami to try and speak to Walter Jr. again. Unfortunately, this resulted in Walter Sr's death.

Mike felt awful about Walter Sr's death, and would end up reading a long eulogy at his father's funeral.

Death of Mike

Mike's cause of death is unknown, but his death occurred not too long after his father's.