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Miguel Cazzotuamadre, also known as Michael, is a kitten who’s famous because of a video that surfaced on YouTube of him crying while standing up and subsequently dying of COVID-19 in Italy after being captured by the North Korean government. A news article was then published, revealing to the world his tragic fate.

He was later revealed to have lived from a heart transplant.

Michael Is the nicest cat you've seen and donates to charity and gives bread to the homeless and helps the elder.

His father is Johnny.

He is friends with Howie/Swag Cat.


Michael is an orange tabby cat kitten with a round, white belly and black eyes.

Good deeds

  • charity work
  • helping the elder
  • stopping Karen's from messing with people.
  • helping boy/girl scouts
  • Stopping a school shooting
  • Being super duper cute :3
  • Fostering his siblings after his mother died in a plane crash
  • Shopping for the vulnerable
  • wearing a mask
  • helping get people vaccinated
  • cat Facts
  • not feeding the ducks bread but seeds


Diego is Michael’s son, and soon-to-be charity boss. His son is currently 14 weeks old, and is set to inherit his father’s position when he reaches the age of 2 years old.