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Lil' Bro is the second and middle child of Doge and Karen. One of the first established characters in the lore, Lil Bro has since grown in popularity to become one of the most-recognized dogelore figures, usually paired with Big Bro or the family pets Mermina and Fang. He has committed 1 war crime without even knowing in 2020


Being born to Doge and Karen, Lil' Bro takes after them both in his basic appearance, looking very similar to how Doge did when he was younger. However, unlike a younger Doge, Lil' Bro differentiates himself in his appearance by wearing a rainbow propeller hat.


Since Lil' Bro is canonically still of a very young age, one trait of his that sticks out a lot is his childish attitude. This means Lil' Bro can be innocent in his thinking, can be naive, scared easily, and can get bored quickly. However, Lil' Bro is also a very kind kid and shares good relationships with his family, namely Big Bro, his dad Doge, his Aunt Kabosu, and his Great Uncle Petyr.

Lil' Bro's kindness doesn't end with his family and it rather extends to most everyone around him. He's good friends with most of the kids in his class, especially Kylie, who he helped emotionally during the events of Kyle and Kylie Come Over. He is also quite short-tempered. He has consumed a cum sock without parental permission, thus was punished with spanking from a wooden spoon. He used to work at Amog Us Burger but then was fired for bullying other employees for "not cooking the chicken right". Before he was fired he got the Sus badge.


Origins in the Lore

Sometime in the mid 2010s, Lil' Bro was born the second child of Doge and Karen.

Kyle and Kylie Arc

During the events of the Kyle and Kylie Arc, Doge and his family gave Kyle and Kylie a house to stay at while trying to resolve their own familial issues. While Kyle was busy with Doge and Big Bro, Lil Bro provided support to Kylie and played with her to take her mind off the situation at hand. At the end of the arc, Lil Bro was seen eating peacefully with his family, Kyle, and Kylie after Kyle returned home from the hospital.

Petyr Arc

Gruncle Petyr came over to Doge's house for a family visit where he got to hang out with his great-nephews. Petyr took Lil Bro out to the park one day and defended him from a bully after he took Lil Bro's hat. One day, Petyr brought over a war friend of his, Mr. Piesel, to visit the family, who Lil Bro and Big Bro greeted. Eventually, Petyr had to return home to Russia and Lil Bro and the family bid him farewell.



He was walking in the fields, but unfortunately he died because his "hat" can't be removed some one hacked it so he flew in to a black hole and was hit by 69 asteroids(false)


  • While he is called "Lil' Bro" by most of the cast, his actual name is Lillothy (unverifiable)
  • Many people have said he looks just like his father did when he was younger.
  • Lil Bro's hat is actually a cancerous tumor that cannot be removed. (Non-Canon) (false) His dead looks like almost Molly Schulz death from GTA V. (Non-Canon) (false)
  • Possible chance of being a bug.