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Kyle is a problematic teenager with an abusive father. He has a little sister that he cares for a lot.


In earlier appearances, Kyle was often depicted as a jock, bully character. He would often act aggressively to other people, chug MONSTER energy like it was alcohol and often punch a drywall to show how strong he was. Later interpretations revealed a sadder story to Kyle who was in the middle of an abusive relationship with his father. In more recent depictions, Kyle is a troubled but caring individual who moved past his bullying days because he needed to protect his little sister from their father.


Kyle wears a black Monster Energy baseball cap. This can be seen as both a plain black cap with the MONSTER symbol on the front or a green-rimmed baseball snapback with the same design.


His hobbies include punching drywall, drinking Monster Energy, and watching dirt bike races.


  • He is created by Reddit 1user u/thebeardoger1.
  • He Resurrected Pinoy Cheems after mistaking him for some other guy
  • He has a sick hat ngl