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Kirbizia (pronounced [kɚ'biːzi.ə], [kɚ'bɪ-]) is the creator of r/dogelore and former owner of the discord server. She left the server on June 18, transferring ownership to her close friend hhh following controversy over Zeemgeem's claim to ownership.


Kirbizia is a trans gamer girl with extremely cute thighs and feet, which she has posted online on numerous occasions. Her feet were featured in olive's dogelore feet review episode 1 (funny), where she earned a rating of "tenm/10" [sic]. She also has a YouTube channel with lots of subscribers, as well as a Twitch stream, which was suspended for 1 day after she streamed herself peeing. Her reddit profile can be found at u/kirbizia.

Discord Involvement

Kirbizia was considered a highly inactive user on the discord as she only made witty remarks every week. This resulted in her becoming a joke on the server and many people would ping her for no reason. This would spark her activity for a few minutes and she would express her opinion with "i do not care" and call everyone "negroids". She was well known for saying Caucasian racial slurs and received high recognition on the starboard for such. Normally, when a mod would ping her for assistance, she would ignore or answer with "shut up" or "i don't care". This neglect is what influenced most mods to rise against her and try to gain owner themselves.


  • Kirbizia posted an image of her thighs one time, which I am going to download and set as my wallpaper.
  • Kiwifarms loves her.
  • She is blamed for the fall of the first discord, as her announcement resulted in Lunar deleting the server.
  • We have her to thank for making dogelore and taking days of our lives away by laughing at funny dog doing wacky and uncharacteristic things.