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Karen is Doge's ex-wife who receives custody of their children, Big bro and Lil bro. She is a vile demon who teleports and traps Doge in numerous dimensions and mediums. Karen is infamous for her constant arguments with underpaid fast food workers and her frequent calls to 911 (always for shitty reasons). In some realities, she shows mercy. But she's usually a complete bitch and bullies doge to the point of suicide.

Karen is one of the most evil characters in the r/dogelore universe. Sans is the main and most popular antagonist in the dogelore universe. However, she is a caring mother for her kids and is extremely protective of them.

due to her bitchy personality. she was die just over a year ago at the age of 47. she will not be missed.

She kicked The Fluffy Bunch due to their behavior and they are spoiled brats. Then, she called the manager to put them into an orphanage indeed.


  • Karen believes vaccines cause autism.
  • Karen is the epitome of a Facebook mom, so it's fitting that she sells essential oils as a business.[citation needed] [إذا كنت تستخدم مترجم جوجل فأنت متخلف]
  • She most likely laughs way too hard when seeing minion memes.
  • She has asked to see the manager at least 750 times in counting
  • Any time a police officer hears her voice, they instantly hang up the phone or drive as far away as they can due to how many false complains she has told to the police.
  • Karen probably owns a minivan or Audi.
  • Governments worldwide has declared Karen as a global threat and a menace to society


She has a mom bod; the typical "karen" haircut. Karen also has a hoop earring, although it is unknown if both ears have hoop earrings, or if only one ear has the earring. She also wears eyeglasses and a pearl necklace.


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