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"Uh ohI think I made a poopiePoop in pants, no diaper, that's funny!HahahahahahahahahaOopsie, poopy underwear nowHee heeheeWe want poopiesWe want poopiesHahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahaHahahahaPoohoohoo-ah *cough*" ― Le Monks

Le Monke is a chaotic and evil being. A cursed, disturbing YouTube video titled "UH OH" has surfaced in which Monke goes on a rant centered on feces. he is best known for committing multiple counts of tax evasion and vehicular manslaughter. It has recently surfaced that he has committed various war crimes in eastern Kyrgyzstan, but that is yet to be verified. The monkey has the ability to trash your house and give banana you and your family. he can run at an astonishing speed of over 90 mph, and the U.S. government has enlisted him as a successful bounty hunter. As a bounty hunter he has caught many ISIS leaders, fighters, and affiliates. For every catch he is rewarded with poop. Not so surprisingly, him favorite food is tacos with poop.Not much else is known about Monke othim than that he loves poop with a deep passion and finds the stinky variety extremely amusing. he is also very successful in the commercial plumbing industry. he has won several medals for him achievements in stand up comedy, plumbing and warfare, although they have since been stripped of him due to the war crime rumours. Another ability le Monke is rumoured to have is to freeze time. This ability comes in useful when he is hunting down ISIS war criminals. But without him payment of the frehest poop, he wouldn‘t do any of this. he works for the highest bidder. he is also Ms Blaszczyk's Friend.


  • uh oh
  • fat ass
  • i love him
  • dumb bitch
  • if you’re reading this please bring the kids home
  • No. the kids are mine.
  • it's french
  • Able to sing national anthem back wards
  • he has a beautiful Face
  • Clothing is bean to him
  • he is confused, nobody knows why
  • him body is a canvas, and poop is him paint
  • Your mums a slug innit bruv mad ting oink oink
  • Favorite word is *Fart*
  • he has no genitals, only butthole
  • he is a vaccinated monke
  • he knows who joe is
  • wait who's joe again
  • Joe Mama
  • he knows Obamas last name
  • uh oh
  • stinky
  • poop
  • hahahahaha
  • funny poop
  • poop funny
  • lol he’s pedophile
  • deadly snake
  • likes hotdogs and sausage
  • weed smoker
  • enjoys poopy benis
  • hi cynk fuck wavey davey
  • Monke
  • Slaughtered Millions

kracc bacc


  • Monkey has him own subreddit
  • he believes poop is the funniest thing ever