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Green Doge is the founding father of "The Cool Colored Doges", and is the mascot of a YouTube channel called "Green Doge", which specializes in Dogelore videos. He's a gamer, and he's an expert at playing Portal.


This is for information about the character himself, not the real life figure.

He was born in Montgomery, Alabama, on March 1, 2000. Two years later, his family moves to RetardVille. At age 7, he met Blue Doge, who has recently moved from TVOLandia to Retardville. The two became friends. They started their own gang. Purple Doge was once a member of this group, but has been kicked out.


His appearance is close to that of Blue Doge, except he has a Green hue, has a blue collar, and sports a white-and-black beanie. Occasionally, his beanie is replaced with Link's hat from "The Legend of Zelda".


  • He has been enemies with Cousin Kyle ever since they first met. During their first encounter, Cousin Kyle teased Green Doge. Green Doge, in response, struck Cousin Kyle with a sword. What he wasn't aware of, is that the sword launched Cousin Kyle 5 yards across the room, and he ended up in a McDonald's fryer. After that encounter, Cousin Kyle sports a mask due to the severe injuries caused by that event. Here's footage of when that happened. [[1]]