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The God of Time, known by his alter ego Steve, is the deity of time. He goes by many names and forms, and appears in many of the gospels tales in disguise. There is no visible way to tell the God of Time from other beings. His appearance has never been physically written down, and all those who are known to have seen him have passed.


The God of Time was born during the creation of the Doge universe as a first generation god, he was to govern the passing of time and the mortality of all lifeforms. He built the time foundations of the universe, and helped bring essence to the Hourglass of Time.

One day, after the Great Custody Loss, he and other first generation gods had their guardian transferred from God of Gods to the God of the God of Gods, and thus was put into stricter rule. Retaliating, he and his godly siblings revolted, and each were given their own punishment. The God of Time had to now watch over the newly created Mirror World, while the second generation god the God of Hours would watch the Hourglass of Time.

In the mirror world, he had to be in disguise while overseeing. He took on his new identity Steve, and watched over all that happened. During this, he had become attached to the planet Earth, where he would reside under his new identity. He started a family, until the second generation god the God of Punishment came to him, due to his misuse of godly powers. His family was murdered, and he had to have all godly powers revoked. He decided to run away into an alley. Here, he met Cheemsburbger, whom he would raise until the age of 2, where his custody was lost. After the Revoke of Power, he was finally back in his godly position. He and the God of Space executed all remaining second generation gods, and new third generation ones were created in their place. The gods planned to find a new puppet planet, eventually deciding on Earth.

The God of Time used all his power to reset time and start anew, thus creating the Big Bang, a giant explosion of his liver. This big bang made the events of the main world match the mirror world, albeit mismatched, and until 1999 (the final year in the mirror world). He currently resides in the vacuum of space-time, having his body destroyed until finally decomposing. He will eventually be replaced by his step-son Cheemsburbger, an unknown fourth generation god.