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General Doge as a gunny before he became a general

General Doge is the cousin of Doge. General Doge was a war hero of the Doge and Cheems war. He started off a as a Private and helped over 50 wounded soldiers in the warzone, though he was not a medic. Since he was so good at helping wounded soldiers. He become a Sargent very quick in his camp. He rose through the ranks really quickly from: Gunny, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, and finally, General.

Though people called him General, he got the highest rank in the army, Imperator.

Throughout his lifetime, he was the best leader in his army, he even got over 30 medals for his bravery and honour in fighting wars. He then, tragiclly passed away on January 30, 2021, after a long 10 year with Parkinsons disease.

He was just 82 when he died.

May we take a vow of silence to those soldiers who passed away in the Doge and Cheems war, especially General Doge