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Cumcopter™ is a flying vehicle that was built and used by Doge. Accompanied by Doge and his orange Home Depot bucket, they chase Karen around, and dump Doge's cum (stored in the bucket) on her belongings, including her car and to try and escape quarantine to yell profanities at Karen. The CumCopter™ has since been put into storage and hasn't been used since.


Cum Copter was developed in secret by Doge in his shed. Using his knowledge on aviation which he gained by sneaking into an aviation school, he built the Cumcopter™ over the course of three months.


The Cumcopter has been used six times by Doge.

  1. To dump cum all over Karen's car right in front of her, legally bypassing their restraining order.[1]
  2. To flee from Karen after she confronted him about not paying child support.
  3. Fleeing from a sperm bank after stealing 5 tonnes of sperm. Nobody knows when he will drop the sperm, but probably on Karen
  4. During one of his regular flights he had a misfire that hit Caesar/Doug/Doge 2
  5. During another one of his regular flights he committed arson after Caesar replaced the cum with kerosene
  6. To try and evade the quarantine lockdown so that he could shout profanities at Karen


  • Cumcopter™ is widely regarded as "The Peak of Doge Technology."
  • Doge's original blueprints for the Cumcopter™, which were found in his old home, state that the Cumcopter is made out of Dogel Ore, a rare mineral found exclusively in the United States of Retards. It is highly sought out for it's extreme amount of ironic material found within it.
  • Just as the name suggests. it's a CumCopter™