"Cheemsburbger" ― Cheemsburbger, moments before devouring a meal[source]

Cheemsburbger a.k.a Cheems is an infinite being that took the form of a giant Doge with a malevolent smirk. A god who transcended time and space within the r/dogelore universe. Although his appearances are limited, he is known for killing a man's girlfriend right in front of him[1] and for consuming the man standing in front of the tanks in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, as well as the tanks.[2] Cheemsburbger's motives and personality traits were unknown

⠀Cheemsburbger's motives and personality traits were unknown. This powerful being inadvertently spawned his own religion, Cheemsburbism in which Cheemsburbger worshiping zealots making sacrifices to Cheemsburbger. For his various crimes he is currently wanted by 76 UN member states and is at the top of the CIA's wanted list. He is also known to edit his wiki page to make himself sound cooler than he really is.⠀


Cheemsburbger comes from an alternate timeline where he is that universe's equivalent of Doge. He was born to unknown parents and was abandoned in an alley. He was adopted by Steve, who is actually the God of Time in disguise.

In his universe, all-male life forms older than 15 must have to go through intense endurance tests in order to be normal beings.

Hungry as fuck

In late 1245, Cheemsburbger, or just "Cheems", stormed once more r/dogelore, bringing with him death and destruction; people started recognizing him as a true character, feeding him power, thus strengthening him even more. Even though he is one of the closest relatives of Satan himself, people started to think of him as a funny and cute character in the Lore, but they know little about his true intentions.

Perhaps that prophecy is true, and the time is drawing close.

Another theory is that Cheemsburbger was able to continuously consume this universe using a time loop, so he may never run out of food..

Cheems is unfortunately going through a state of betrayal and sadness as he has found out that he can not fly if he covers himself in oil and stands out in the rain. He stood out in the rain with a tear in his eye while stating "not work..."

Cheems in his true form

Cheems arc

In late 2019, Cheems returned in a series where he was in a school environment and proceeded to kill the staff and others who stood in his almighty wrath. Eventually, however, he was confronted by Tommy. A special-ed doge who tried to convince Cheems that his actions were wrong. This resulted in Cheems attacking Tommy and ripping his paw off. However, this caused Cheems to be scorned by his comrades who all turn on him, declaring him a Cringe Normie. (Except loafe, who as we all know bathes in the suffering of all.) The series is currently on hold, teasing the return of a now vengeful Tommy. This series was not named by the person who wrote this part and they should die in the hell realm.

Cheems was loved by the community after this series and other Cheems posts started cropping up. This lead to a massive uprising of popularity, not too dissimilar to the rise of Walter a few months earlier.

Recently posts have been appearing showing Cheems going through speech therapy for his speech impediment. The therapy works sometimes, and at times Cheems reaches a mode more powerful than anything or anyone can ever be. Cheems is an almighty god whom not to be reconned with at that time. Except for a person from another universe whos power rivals Godsuper Cheems at his best. The only dog to ever combat that level.

Godsuper arc

In another universe, another Cheems than the Cheems that we know and love came to help Cheems over his speech impediment. It is soon revealed that the Cheems we love can fully get rid of his speech impediment, but it is near to impossible. When Cheems got rid of his speech impediment for 2 minutes and concentrates he becomes a Cheems he labeled as Godsuper. His power is rivaled that to a version of his great-grandson in an alternate universe, who is yet to be made. It is said in a prophecy that his grandson will revert to a land of evil. In the prophecy, his grandson harnesses the power of Steve who is senile and gives him his powers, unknowing the consequences. He is said to not know the prophecy existed.

His grandson is said to be named Sheems, but as it is foretold it is a story from an ancient scroll forged from what is said to be heaven. No one believes in this prophecy, but if it does happen Cheems is prepared for that fatal day. Cheems can now destroy universes at his level. Cheems, as he realized what he must do, turned for the good.

The final battle happens in a universe 2 light doges away. Cheems starts traveling there to kill his great grandson, and with the powers of Steve, who he contacted once again, helped him by traveling into the future. Cheems abandoned his speech impediment for 10 hours a day before the battle, so he was prepared. The battle lasted for 3 weeks. Cheems, who was in critical condition, was healed by focusing all his power and healed himself. Cheems was soon in an epic showoff, and he figured how to steal Sheems power, and defeated him once and for all. He realized how powerful he was, then we abandoned the stupid name that is Godsuper Cheems, as he realized with his gained powers that it is edgy.

Cheems soon figured out how to get rid of his speech impediment for almost 3 years at a time. Cheems is now able to destroy a whole system of galaxies but is using his newfound power for good. He turned himself in for the war crimes he committed, killed his great grandson in different universes. Repaired the neighboring planets and returned life to the ones that have lost it. Cheems is still not able to get rid of his speech impediment forever.

Alternate Alternate reality

In an alternate universe, Cheems has become the ultimate being. Let's start at the beginning. Cheems, as we know them, have a speech impediment, but in this universe, he does not. You may be saying, "How do you get to this alternate universe?" Well, it's usually patched out in the newest patch every 24 hours. The current unpatched glitch is to shoot a flat-screen Samsung CRT TV with armor-piercing rounds 32.5 times. If you do this correctly, you will clip out of reality into the backrooms. But don't be afraid, we are going to clip out of the backrooms by simply going sideways through a randomly selected corner. After clipping out of the backrooms, you will fall for around 2 minutes, until reaching the speed of light and going into an alternate universe. Now back to the story. In this universe, Cheems was even more powerful and was born in the place of Jesus. Him being more powerful than before means that he could simply think about crushing the universe and have it happen. He was also eternal; this made him be praised by everyone everywhere, in any galaxy. But then tragedy struck. When another --redacted-- came into the town Cheems was staying in, they fought. During this battle --redacted-- had destroyed Cheems, bringing down the tyrant forever in that universe.

Hunting Practices

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Although Cheemsburbger is an almighty being, he prefers to use camouflage to prevent detection while he hunts. While hunting humans one time, he disguised himself as a "fellow kid" by dressing up in cool clothes and using a Skamtebord as his mode of transportation, allowing him to achieve unfathomable speeds. To the right is a rare photo of Cheemsburbger in his human disguise.

The Book


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The End

In not Cheems, Cheemsburbger killed about 100,000 Cheemers and another 50,000 Dogers. Little Cheem-seekers shot and killed many Cheemers. The Doge military had to step in. Cheems made a peace treaty with Doge and all the Cheemers and Cheems himself moved to the Alternate Alternate Universe and the Dogers stayed on Dogeplanet. It is rumored Cheems will come when Steve dies and become the emperor doge.


Strongest being in the Dogeverse INCLUDING GILGAMESH


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