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Blue Henry Whale is a pedophile that moved to where all doges and dogs live, he works at an Ice Cream shop to help pay his bills, he's extremely poor but he does not give a damn. if you do not agree with his opinions on certain things he and his family will scream and chase you around until you give up and agree with his opinion, Some sickos eventually used his name to promote a dangerous internet challenge, which has tainted his reputation, which haunts him to this day. Due to the anger he has endured for the sickos, he has resorted to kidnapping several doges to vent with his anger, and to this day, is searching for more children to kidnap.


Blue Henry Whale was born on August 12th 1975, he lived in Atlantis for 12 years of his childhood, and he had a happy family until the family went broke, and since that happened they had to move into Retardville, when he was at school he was bullied by most Doges, then right after he got out of school the family moved again into a new home and Blue Henry Whale got a job. He worked at an Ice Cream Shop and a lot of Doges had different opinions than him and he was furious that beings had not liked what he liked, and so he told his family how bad opinions are and the whole family also hated opinions, anyone who had a different opinion from then on would be shamed by the Blue Whales, thus in rage Blue Henry Whale started kidnapping Kids.


Blue Henry Whale like all Blue Whales, has a derpy looking grin, and a bumpy underbody, compared to his tail he is mostly made of fat, most Blue Whales say, "the fatter you are, the more whale babes you'll get". like all Blue Whales, Blue Henry Whales eyes are always down looking, and they have a beautiful glare, Blue Henry Whale does not have any

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teeth so he gulps down food instead of crunching it first.


Blue Henry Whales hunting skills go into use once they target their prey, they then ask if the kid wants to have an extra bit more Ice Cream and lures them into the back, thus making the dad and the workers think that they're going into the back to make some more Ice Cream, thus getting approval from them. but in reality, they're leading the kid to the back door, going through the exit and then grabbing them while running to the van. Blue Henry Whale is still working at the place and has not been caught

Blue Henry Whale giving Ice Cream to Cheems and Cheems Jr


- Blue Henry Whales favorite customer is Cheems and Cheems Jr

- Blue Henry Whale is a Male

- Blue Whales call each other by they're middle name; Blue '___' Whale

- Blue Henry Whale went to the same school as Cheems

Blue Henry Whale with their sister Blue Ella Whale

Family Tree

Blue Henry Whale-------------Blue Karen Whale-----------Blue Barbra Whale


Blue Ella Whale------------------Blue David Whale---------Blue Garold Whale

1975 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1892