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Vladimir Antonovich Trotsky (1971 - 2027), or just Bingus, was a Serbian communist leader, actor, producer, and director who was once friends with the famous rapper Big Floppa, but broke up due to Bingus' many allegations and being a communist, after the breakup, Bingus plotted many assassinations and Floppas were prohibited from Bingustonia, Bingus is widely recognized today as one of the more ruthless leaders, but he was actually a kind person, who cared for his people.

Early life

Vladimir Antonovich Trotsky Edward Adams Vladibing the 15th (or Just Vladimir Antonovich Trotsky) was born on 12:AM, 1971, in the Serbian Federation, in Plinka hospital, Sus Town, his parents were amazed at how amazing he looked, he was small and elegant, his stare could make anyone fall in love with him.

Life in Sus town

It was a hard life living in the Sus ghetto, food was scarce, his family was poor, but they would do anything just to keep their little cute Bingus, they had multiple break ins from Amogus creatures and Floppas, however Bingus made it through the hard times, and would later become a news printer.

Life as a news press printer

He would become a news printer for various Serbian newsletters, such as the Dogeish times, and The Daily Flopgle, He would meet the love of his life, Dianna, however he would quit this job in 1986 to found the country, Bingustonia

Founding Bingustonia

In 1986, Bingus would start a revolution in the Serbian Federation, It first started in January, Bingus gathered some people in a church, and he would speak the most influential worlds in history, he then took over Doge square, and took over more and more of the country, the revolution then ended in 1987, and Bingustonia was founded.

As an actor

Bingus has acted in 10 films, his first movie where he acted was in 1989's "Bobby", a superhero movie which takes place in the future, he would also voice act Bingus in Bobby: return of Bingus, which was the final Bobby movie, he also voice acted in the film "The Doge Stalker", a film which takes place in Dogenobyl after the 1986 incident, Bingus won several awards due to his amazing acting.

Political alignment

Bingus was democratic-communist, he praised the Dogiet union because of their communism, strength, and intelligence, he would read communist theory in his free time to learn to become a communist.

However one day a person called Zabloing came to Bingus, and teached him the ultimate knowledge, so he became a full communist, he went to communist rallies, watched communist propaganda, and praised them all the time.

Religious beliefs

Bingus used to believe in Dogeism, which was the main religion in the Serbian Federation, he went to church every day, and praised his lord and savior, Dandalo, however one day he got kicked out of church for bringing a gun to start a shooting as he switched to his own religion, Bingism, he got furious, so he went home, and got an M16, and went to the church again, and murdered everyone, after Bingustonia got founded everyone was forced to believe in Bingism.


Bingustonia was founded in 1987 after the revolution, people living in the country have mixed views about it, some people say its heaven on earth, other say its hell to live in and you will die easily, but Bingustonia has its ups and downs.

Life in the country

Life in the country was hard, a poor economy, bad officers, and extortion, many people suffered, and died, however the richer people in the country got treated better with luxerious life styles, fancy foods, and much more fancy things.


Most people living in Bingustonia were Binguses, but people who weren't Binguses were executed, but others who were lucky enough would commonly get bullied by the Binguses, and would be called racial slurs.


Bingus would later "die" in 2024, due to his drink being poisoned by a Doge living in the country, However people believe that this is not how he actually died, and there are multiple suspects who could be his killer, one of the most likely is Floofus, as they tried to assassinate Bingus multiple times, here are the list of suspects, however despite the suspects, he may not actually be dead, as he was not found at the pool.

Big Floppa

Big Floppa is one of the more likely suspects as he was an arch nemesis of Bingus, and that Big Floppa assassinated Bingus with a revolver from a high distance, some people believe this to be true as someone went to the site where he died and found a bullet casing of a 357 magnum in the tall grass.


Floofus is the most likely suspect as he tried to assassinate Bingus multiple times, people suspect Floofus strangled Bingus while wearing an invis-watch so no-one could see him.


Walter is another suspect of the murder, the reason people choose him is because there was a note next to the pool saying "WA__ER" the text in the middle was scratched out, but many believe the note to be saying "Walter", however someone said that it could also say waiter, however it was unconfirmed if Bingus even had a waiter.

Doge 2

Doge 2 is one of the suspects, some people suspect him as the person who poisoned Bingus's drink, because there shattered glass on which is presumed to be the glass cup Bingus used to drink the poisoned substance, a cop came to the scene and saw a substance on the floor, a detective who was with them deduced that this substance could kill someone, however it's believed to be just alcohol.


Amongle was a bioweapon created by Bingus in 1989 in a secret lab, however Amongle killed everyone in the lab, and escaped, some people theorize that Amongle used his tongue to impale Bingus.

The execution of Bingus

Bingus while being interrogated.

However, in 2027, Bingus was found in an underground base by the army of Bingustonia, who was controlled by the new president of Bingustonia, He was then captured and interrogated, and he told everything, he said that he put all the "evidence in their place", and painted red on the floor to look like blood, after he told the information on how he faked his death, he was then executed later that morning, he was then cremated and his ashes were spread across Bingus beach, the reason he faked his death was because he wanted to hide from the public eye because he was planning something, apparently the Bingustonia army found documents in his secret base, apparently this "something" was called "Metal Flop", the president of Bingustonia then took the documents to make his own version of Metal Flop, and possibly take over the world, several countries are worried, and Bingustonia took more territories in the coming years, war is possibly coming, and it will be the most ruthless war ever.


  • Bingus had 5 kids
  • Bingus was commonly called online the "ballsack cat"
  • Theres an insane Bingus lover called "Binguslover420" on youtube who posts Bingus vids
  • Bingus is chad
  • Bingus is love, Bingus is life