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Beanos (been-os) refers to a colloquial name given to the children's TV series Numberjacks character One which gained popularity in shitposts on Instagram in July 2019. The name is a portmanteau of words the "Thanos" and "bean," and is a reference to the Marvel Comics villain Thanos. In edits, Beanos' unexpected appearance, accompanied by the ear rape version of Spongebob Chase Freestyle, is used as a punchline.


On October 20th, 2006, episode five "One More Time" of the season one of the British children's TV series Numberjacks premiered.[1] In one scene of the episode, the Numbers track One on their screen, who is shown standing near a brick wall.


Beanos is often portrayed as male in the memes which they are shown in, but in the Numberjacks show, they are referred to as a 'she.'

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