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Aunt Kabosu is a middle-age dog who is living in Japan. She is Lil bro's and Big bro's favorite aunt. It is unknown if she is biologically related to Karen or Doge. She used to be an assassin, but she has since retired and now lives a quiet life. Nowadays she prefers to take pictures of herself and post them online. She's always happy to see her nephews and tries her best to hide her past from them, though they already know. She teaches them about Japanese tradition and cooks cultural meals for them.

It is also possible that Kabosu is the Ex-Wife of Uncle Murphy.


Aunt Kabosu is a god amongst men. Shes the only one to stop cousin kyle. She has agreed to testing these powers. If she can exist in multiple timelines like Kyle she could stop him from being born. Research has proved that she can exist in multiple timelines.


She is depicted as Kabosu (Doge) in her old age.